AEW ready to go “All Out”

AEW is getting prepared with their PPV coming during the month of September; people are already hyped up for it, some saying mostly it can be a proper reintroduction of some very big names. Last year CM Punk was the main headline at the PPV after returning to professional wrestling almost seven years later.

CM Punk’s return for the AEW World Championship

He is being used well, in everyone’s opinion. After “All Out”, to enable him to adjust to the physicality and build his stamina, they had started to put him in matches with some mid carders. This technique is great because it gives other wrestlers an opportunity. However, many did admit that management made a mistake by failing to include CM Punk in a prominent storyline following his match with Darby. It would have been smart to capitalise on Punk’s current popularity by including him in such a plot. He went on to win the AEW World Championship, his first title victory post Survivor Series was absolutely well praised by the fans. But unfortunately right after that CM Punk had to be out of in-ring action to recover from an injury. This could be mean that almost after a year at AEW’s “All Out“ PPV, he might return or before that to have a bout with Jox Moxley.

#KennyOmegaIsBack can happen soon

Another name everyone is dying to see is none other than Kenny Omega. In November at Full Gear, Page defeated him for the title and we haven’t seen him since November 2021 due to a long list of injuries he has been facing. According to a lot of reports, there are chances of him returning at the upcoming All Out pay per view and AEW is thrilled to launch out their main superstar of the roster. Many have claimed Kenny Omega to be one of the most prestigious talent in their roster, recently Matt Hardy another superstar signed with AEW had said regarding the topic of Kenny. He is, in fact, the belt collector at the moment.

He would be the first character you see in action movies of such genre. He is like the final boss character. The first time you see him in in the movie, you don’t really know who he is, but you can tell he’s a big deal because he is riding in the greatest automobile, has a gang of guys, and is dressed to the nines. In spite of the fact that you know someone will eventually put him in his place, Kenny will keep eliminating everyone on AEW.

AEW has been placing all the hints going towards September, with the upcoming Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor PPV, the road to “All Out’ will commence soon and many are expecting the heavy guns to be back before that or during the season time. We might be able to see even a dream match between CM Punk and Kenny Omega, which will definitely throw in a lot of attention to the wrestling fans, as they have started to vote and place bets already on major social media platforms.

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