aespa Teases Savage & Looks Straight Out of Matrix News

aespa Teases Savage & Looks Straight Out of Matrix

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September 24, 2021

aespa is ready to release their first mini-album, Savage. The band debuted back in November 2020 under SM Entertainment with the single ‘Black Mamba’.

This was also the start of SM’s future project Kwangya. This is the shared SM multiverse which involves all the groups under the label. Ever since then, the girl group has released singles like Forever and Next Level but that was it. However, for their third comeback of the year, SM is going all out.

aespa announced their debut EP Savage earlier this month on September 13. This was announced along with the start of pre-orders. The mini-album has crossed 47.6K pre-orders as MYs (aespa’s fandom) seem excited for Savage.

The album is set to premiere on October 5 at 6 pm KST. They have also dropped teasers of the girls to tease at the concept of Savage. This era is going to be different from their previous comebacks. aespa had already given spoilers for Savage with Giselle’s verse in Next Level.

She sings a “hallucination quest created by the Black Mamba.” The concept photos currently released are titled Hallucination Quest. This connects to the theory in Matrix for the real world which the band refers to as aespaverse. Fans have already noticed that the outfits that the band has worn in the Hallucination Quest teasers had the Matrix code. EXO’s Obsession, Taemin’s Criminal, Kai’s Mmmh were all styled by the same stylist who styled aespa.

Fans were excited after seeing the concept photos as they got to see a new side of the band. A fan tweeted, “When aespa knew the phrase “Next Level” and went on and ran with it.” Another fan added, “Just maknae line serving some hot girl shit.” Another wrote, “#AESPA: 4th gen savage girls.” One fan wondered, “The snakes and… even the water elements on their nails, a pearl and waves. AND IF they have a water/rain scene in the mv?!”
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