Adin Ross Traumatized After Being Swatted During Live Stream

Adin Ross Traumatized After Being Swatted During Live Stream

Twitch streamer Adin Ross went through a traumatic experience recently during one of his live streams. The influencer got swatted during the stream on Twitch. He later described the event as “traumatizing”.

Ross became the victim of swatting when a group of police officers raided his house in the middle of his live stream. His viewers had to see him being surrounded by the police with guns drawn. He even said, “Whatever troll did it, you did it, you officially did it.” And he further added, “It’s never happening ever again. Crazy. […] That was insane.”

Many viewers have expressed their shock at the swat squad raiding Ross’ house. A user wrote that they feel bad for Adin as he looked pretty shaken up. Another user shared that it is not funny and causes an uproar. The user wondered how many times S.W.A.T teams were sent just as a joke.

Yet another user said that karma will get whoever did this. As for the Twitch streamer, he is fine and took to his social media to update his fans. He shared how scary it was to be swatted and assured his fans that he is okay. The influencer added, “I love you guys. Also speed got swatted as well, we just got off the phone he’s okay! Sick world we live in man.”

Adin also expressed his gratitude to everyone who has been checking on him and asking. He assured his fans that he will update everybody about the full story later but described it as “traumatizing” and “scary”. The influencer added that this comes with the position.

Ross Says We Live In A Sick, Cruel World

He further shared that they are still in shock and appreciated everybody who has been showing love and support. Concluding his video, he said, “It’s a sick, cruel world we live in, man,” adding, “…it’s sickening.”

A fan wrote how glad they are that Adin is okay and sent prayers for him. Another user pointed out how people don’t understand the danger and how worse things could have gone. The industry of streaming does help many people become famous but it is also dangerous.

Many people use personal information for swatting and it is a very disturbing prank when someone calls the police. Adin turned into a Youtuber from the gaming industry. He is known for his trolls and has ‘sus’ jokes.


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