Adin Ross Loses Temper After Seeing His Sister Hanging Out With Rapper 6ix9ine

Adin Ross is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the planet. He rose to fame with his casual streams and boasts one of the most loyal fan bases ever.

Recently, he was watching 6ix9ine’s stream when he noticed that a girl looking exactly like his sister was hanging out with 6ix9ine and SteveWillDoIt from the Nelk Boys. After seeing the girl who looked exactly like his sister, Adin Ross lost his temper.

Adin Ross Reacts

Adin Ross and 6ix9ine do not share a good history together already. The streamer has even said that he would knock 6ix9ine out if they were ever to square off in the boxing ring. And now, seeing his sister hanging out with the rapper made Adin Ross go absolutely bonkers.

“Wait… wait, why is my sister with Tekashi?” yelled Ross with a very confused and perplexed look on his face. “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! Oh hell no! Oh f*ck no!

He then immediately closed the 6ix9ine stream and stared into the camera as blank as any human could ever be. The chat of Adin Ross’ stream was flooding with comments but Adin did not care to even read or respond. Have a look at Adin Ross’ reaction to his sister hanging out with rapper 6ix9ine below:

Some fans called the whole thing staged but given the reaction of Adin Ross, it doesn’t seem so (to us).

Later on, Adin Ross clarified that due to the low quality of the idea, he was mistaken and the girl in the video wasn’t really his sister but someone who just looked similar to her.

‘My Sister Is Not Dating 6ix9ine’

“I thought it was, it was the quality of the video, that’s not my sister, OK?” he explained. “My sister is not dating 6ix9ine, OK? They have never linked, they don’t do…I’m pretty sure 6ix9ine has a girlfriend. But yeah, my sister is not dating 6ix9ine. They have never linked. They have never met.”

“I watched the video. You could see, you could totally tell it’s not her. I’m not baiting. I’m literally telling you they’re not dating.”

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