Adele Turns To Beyonce To Feature In Her New Music Album

Adele is rumored to have a collaboration with her hero, Beyonce for her upcoming album. The singer has been teasing new material for quite some time as she recently returned back to the recording studio.

Her fans are now spreading rumors that her new album will feature Beyonce and several other iconic artists. They have already expressed their pleasure at the idea of her and Queen Bey collaborating. One of her fans shared how monumental their collaboration is going to be.

The fan wrote, “Adele’s lead single for her upcoming album is going to feature Beyoncé, and that is going to be so monumental. I can’t wait to hear it and be blown away.” While other fans expressed that they are here for the epic collaboration of the two musicians.

The Rolling in the Deep singer has been vocal about her admiration for Beyonce and her contribution to the music world. Adele had shared back in 2015 that anyone who knows her knows that her main priority in life outside of her child is Beyonce.

The singer had later on opened up about Beyonce’s Lemonade album as she offered her Grammy to Adele. “I can’t possibly accept this award,” Adele said to the audience. “The artist of my life is Beyoncé, and the ‘Lemonade’ album is just so monumental,” she added.

Adele’s upcoming album is also rumored to have Raphael Saadiq, H.E.R and songwriter, Jimmy Napes. The singer is yet to reveal the official release date of her album as it has recently reported that she has been in the recording studio.

“Corona ain’t over”- Adele

Former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain confirmed in December that he had worked on the recordings and couldn’t believe how amazing the new material was.

He opened up as he shared that they have just started going to work on some new music for Adele. Matt also added, “To hear that voice in my headphones was getting me chills. It was just so powerful and emotive.”

Adele’s new album will not be coming anytime soon. She confirmed that her new music is not coming soon in one of her Instagram posts. Adele’s fourth album which is highly-anticipated by fans is going to be delayed because she is quarantining at this time.

One of her fans curiously asked if there is a new album coming out today on one of her posts. “Teaser? Albums coming out today???!!!!” the fan commented. “Tell me now!!!!” Responding to the fan, Adele requested some patience and asked the fan to wear a mask. ‘Corona ain’t over,’ she said.

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The fan commented on a throwback picture that Adele posted recently at Glastonbury. Her fans have been speculating for quite some time about her new music. Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickens, recently revealed that there is no date for when the new music will hit the stores.

Her manager told Newsweek, ‘It isn’t coming in September, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.’ Fans were already assuming that the album’s release will be pushed to 2021 due to the global pandemic.

Adele’s manager went on to say that the world stopped and that everybody is on the same boat. He verifies that it will be out when it’s ready. Dickens admitted to having music but still working on it.

“I’ll just say that she sounds better than ever.”

Fans had expressed their fear when Adele commented back in April. They were not happy that she will have to postpone her album release due to pandemic.

Adele’s last album sold 22 million copies globally. The album also won two Grammy awards. She joined in an Instagram live with producers Babyface and Teddy Riley at the time. Adele commented on it saying, ‘Come on, it’s 2020– we ain’t meant to get what we want!’

This led to fans going into a frenzy and speculating the album release will be pushed further ahead. Although, Ryan Tedder, the OneRepublic frontman did tease fans about her new music. Adele is collaborating with Ryan on her new album. He revealed last month that Adele sounds better than ever. Ryan has previously contributed and helped Adele in songs like Rumour Has It and Turning Tables.

In an interview with The Sun, Ryan said, “I’ll just say that she sounds better than ever.” He acknowledges that he was not going to say anything about the time he was in the studio for her new album.

Adele has been anticipated to drop a song about being ‘optimistic’ about moving forward after her divorce from her husband last year. She accidentally revealed in March that she will have her new music out by September. Adele let it slip out when she was attending a friend’s wedding reception.

In a video clip that was found, Adele is heard saying, ‘ expect my next album in September’. She then starts singing her iconic song, Rolling in the Deep.

Adele released her debut album in 2008. Later on, she released the rest in 2011 and 2015. A source told People that she is preparing for her new album release both mentally and physically.


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