Adele Sparked ‘Lip Filler’ Rumour While Out With Rich Paul

Hollywood singer and popular songwriter Adele is in the news, sparking rumours of lip fillers after being spotted with bigger puffier lips. Adele was captured with her boyfriend Rich Paul on Wednesday, July 6. The award-winning musician last performed on July 6 at the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival.

One paparazzi took this ‘instant puffier look’ to social media with several images in which lips look larger than usual. This led netizens to believe that Adele got her lip injections for a more noticeable look. She was present at the Green and Mediterranean restaurant called Avra along with her boyfriend Rich Paul.

Rich was in the black outfit. The couple finished their meal and left from the back door. They got papped while sitting in the car. Fans of Adele were shocked and surprised to see her in the pictures. One of the users reacted and wrote to Twitter, “Okay WTF is Adele doing to herself???”. Others wrote, “Look at those lips! I can see this getting out of control FAST”.

Indeed, fans couldn’t resist reacting to the different looks in which Adele got captured. Adele has had injections to inflate her lips. People are calling her a duck on social media. Meanwhile, it is clear from the images shared by the paparazzi that her lips do look swollen and it must be a lip filler. It is expected that she might go for cheek filling too.

Adele Is Happy To Be Back To Perform In Her Hometown 

Adele performed at the most awaited show in the UK after 5 years. Previously in the year 2017, she cancelled the final 2 shows of her London Tour at Wembley stadium. Because her vocal cords were damaged. Since then it’s her full live show at Hyde Park Festival in London.

Fans were happy as Adele was back in her Hometown performing a sold-out show, there were many mixed feelings of happiness, emotionality, and excitement.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.