Adele & Rich Paul: The Lovebirds Enjoying Their Quality Time

The British-born singer Adele is really seen enjoying her good time with her fella! The 33 years old singer wasn’t the kind of ‘football’ fan but now she is chilling with Rich Paul, during the Los Angeles Chargers game on Thursday.

As the game played out, the camera turned to Rich and Adele in their private box. In the viral photos of the two, we can clearly see Adele sits wearing a black facemask. While tenderly holding Rich’s hand as he talks with someone offscreen. The lovebirds wore jackets because it was another chilly night in southern California. Sadly, it got a lot colder for Chargers fans, and they lost 34-28 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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During a recent interview with The Face, Adele discussed her absence from social media. Despite having profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the 33-year-old singer acknowledged her aversion to the medium.

Adele received outrage on the internet last year after she uploaded an Instagram tribute to Notting Hill Carnival wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu knots, a typical African haircut. “There was so much going on in America at that period,” the Grammy Award winner stated, reflecting on her decision to stay away from social media after the incident. I didn’t read the room, despite the fact that I reside in America.

Adele & Rich Paul Engaged ?

Adele & Rich Paul: The Best Hollywood Couple
Adele & Rich Paul

The Singer sparked rumours over her engagement with Boyfriend Rich Paul. After being wearing a ring on her wedding finger. The star seen in London with the large gold and prominently on show on her left ring finger.

However, the jewelry on her left ring got focused. Adele seen adjusting her plain black face mask, while boasting her new seven-stone weight loss in a chic all-black outfit. This was the first time that she seen wearing a ring, on the wedding finger which was seen to be bare during her Vogue 73 Questions video last month.

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