Adele explains why she avoids social media

During a recent interview with The Face, Adele discussed her absence from social media. Despite having profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the 33-year-old singer acknowledged her aversion to the medium.

“I’d just end up not getting all of my errands done for the day. It’s designed to make you want to keep playing. It performs a brilliant job at it “According to the singer of Easy On Me.

avoiding social media

“There could have been something extremely important I needed to get done, but I wouldn’t have been able to because I was distracted by someone else’s life! Or reading hours of news that made me feel horrible about the world, or looking at nail designs or interior design websites. It’s simply f—-ing thrown me off. I needed to get caught up on all I needed to do. I don’t want to speak with folks I don’t know.

For whatever reason, that doesn’t work for me. I’m in desperate need of human touch. I don’t want to be sitting in a room on my phone, talking to people I don’t know more than people I do know “she went on.

Adele received outrage on the internet last year after she uploaded an Instagram tribute to Notting Hill Carnival wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu knots, a typical African haircut. “There was so much going on in America at that period,” the Grammy Award winner stated, reflecting on her decision to stay away from social media after the incident. I didn’t read the room, despite the fact that I reside in America. My [Black] girlfriends, on the other hand, were like, ‘Are you alright?’ We aren’t personally offended since we know you, but this is the reason [people are upset].’

My main question is why I felt compelled to f—-ing post that when I’m already so f—-ing private. I was having such a great time in Jamaica with my pals, and that’s always been the mood of Notting Hill Carnival for me. “However, I didn’t provide any context for that either,” she continued.


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