Addison Rae’s Team Defends Her After Old Tweets Allegedly Indicates She Supports Trump News

Addison Rae’s Team Defends Her After Old Tweets Allegedly Indicates She Supports Trump

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Time icon July 23, 2021

The recent interaction between Addison Rae and Donald Trump has gained a lot of attention. This interaction took place when the influencer approached the former President to introduce herself at the UFC 264 event that took the internet by storm.

Addison’s team has now come to her defence after her older tweets have appeared to show her support for Trump. On 22nd July, the influencer walked away from the paparazzi who asked her if she was a Trump supporter. Even her Twitter account had hints of her siding the former President as she liked a tweet from professional fighter Derek Brunson that read, “who y’all voting for. ‘RT’ for Hillary Clinton. ‘Like’ for Donald Trump.”

But when the elections happened in 2016, Addison was too young to have registered to vote. As per a Buzzfeed journalist who tried to reach out for a statement, Addison’s team said it was displaying that because of a “bug” on Twitter. Her representatives have sent a screenshot of the tweet as it showed the absence of Addison’s name under the likes.

As per the statement from the influencer’s team:

“Below is a screenshot from Addison’s phone which reflects that she has not liked the tweet. She has no memory of ever liking this tweet. We are in conversations with Twitter to figure out this discretion.”

Brunson’s tweet was the one that was acknowledged however, many other tweets were left unaddressed. As per Buzzfeed, Addison’s account has also liked a tweet expressing excitement about Donald Trump winning the election and another claiming that Hilary Clinton should go to prison.

In a one-minute video from The Hollywood Fix, Addison Rae approached the paparazzi to take a picture with a fan before quickly walking to her car after hearing a question about the possibility of receiving hate as a Trump supporter.

These tweets and information began to surface online after the viral TikTok from September 2020 surfaced. This allegedly showed that Addison had actually registered as a Republican in 2014, 2016 and 2018. But the TikTok star had addressed these claims and refuted them as false; as she said that she is from Louisiana and not the state in the alleged documents. Rae also mentioned that she was not eligible to vote until 2019.

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