Addison Rae's Cover Of Katy Perry's Song Leaves The Internet Divided

Addison Rae’s Cover Of Katy Perry’s Song Leaves The Internet Divided

Addison Rae has made her debut as she entered the big screen with He’s All That. However, people have been criticising her after watching the movie. Ever since she has achieved her TikTok stardom, she has been criticized endlessly.

People were not aware of her acting skills before the remake of She’s All That was released. However, now that they can see it, they are criticizing the Obsessed singer in the new movie. Addison plays the role of Padgett Sawyer, who is a social media influencer and her life goes sideways after her messy breakup with her boyfriend.

The character then decides to turn Tanner Buchanan into a prom king candidate so that she can maintain her reputation at school. But during the transformation, she begins to fall for the high school outcast. The duo is seen singing Katy Perry’s classic song, Teenage Dream.

This is where the users have been criticizing her for her singing. The TikTok star released her own song, Obsessed earlier this year and performed it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The content creator has received a lot of hate but there are also fans who support her. Under a post by defnoodles, Addison received support from people as they defended her.

People took to social media and expressed their confusion as to why the influencer has entered the movie industry and launched a singing career. Addison had also received hate for becoming a UFC reporter; as people called her out online for taking away opportunities from well-deserved candidates.

Although the movie has been receiving negative ratings; (IMDb rated it 4.4/10 while it received 33% in Rotten Tomatoes) online, it continues to trend amongst the youth.

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