Adam Silver: Kevin Durant’s request for a trade is detrimental to the NBA

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, already believed that stars asking for trades while still under long-term contracts was detrimental to the game. Then came Kevin Durant.

It’s unlikely that Durant’s request to leave Brooklyn a few days before his four-year maximum deal ever became effective influenced Silver’s perspective.

Adam Silver Didn’t Support This Trade

I still have the same opinions, Silver stated. “Look, we need a two-way street here. Teams provide players a great deal of security and assurances, and it is expected that they would keep their half of the bargain in exchange. We don’t like to see players asking for trades and we don’t like to see it playing out the way it is, but I’m realistic enough to know that there will always be discussions taking place behind closed doors between the players and the representatives of the teams.

The situation as it stands was established by Durant’s trade request on June 30, before the four-year, $198 million agreement he signed last summer had even taken effect, as Silver quietly clarified. The shocking information not only confounded the Nets but also put a stop to free agency and overshadowed summer league.

“Many other players are also affected, not simply the league or the team governors, maybe. In order to address it with our players association, we want to do so when we enter this round of collective bargaining, Silver added. Players will never be completely satisfied in all situations, but we don’t want to see it go down the way it has so far.

The vice presidents of the National Basketball Players Association convened here over the weekend, and Silver was speaking following the NBA Board of Governors meeting.

Ben Simmons Looking For A Trade

Ben Simmons wanted a trade from Philadelphia last summer with four years and $144.7 million left on his contract, holding out until he was sent to the Nets at the Feb. 25 trade deadline after James Harden pushed his way out of Houston in January 2021. It was already a contentious subject to deal for Harden by the Oct. 10 trade deadline.

That was before to Durant. However, Silver insisted that he expects Durant to honour his contract and that he hasn’t learned of any other plans for the athlete.

Saying he wants to play in a different place is one thing, but potentially breaking his contract by saying he won’t show up for training camp or games, according to Silver. Although there is a lot of talk regarding potential changes in this area, I consider myself to be a supporter.

“Both parties have some leverage. There is a market there. Everyone has leverage, and in some ways, having athletes with skills that… 8 billion people, minus one, don’t have is healthy. Kevin Durant is a prime illustration of this.

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