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Actress Meera Chopra Slammed For Getting Her Vaccine Dose By Unfair Means

The second wave of Covid-19 has begun to slowly decline in the country right now. But the way the virus has led to death spree has prompted many people to book their places to be vaccinated.

Sadly, with the current vaccine shortage in the country, a very limited number of people are able to get a jab, especially those under the age of 45.

What Did Meera Do?

In the middle, Meera Chopra seems to have tried to get her first dose of vaccine using the wrong methods.

The actor was given the vaccine yesterday in Thane, near Mumbai, Parking Plaza at the vaccination center. She had also posted a photo on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Nothing seemed fishy until it turned out that Meera had gotten the vaccine shot by pretending to be a frontline healthcare worker.

Niranjan Davkhare, President of the Thane unit of MLC and BJP Thane, on social media, posted a photo of Meera Chopra’s ID where her name was mentioned as a supervisor. This ID card was of Om Sai Aarogya Care Pvt Ltd. According to Niranjan, Meera Chopra forged up the card to get the first dose.

Criticism And Backlash

Soon, Meera Chopra began to be criticized for her actions. As a result of the controversy, she quickly deleted the vaccination photo from her social media accounts.

Niranjan Davkhare posted a video on his Facebook account yesterday and insisted that an investigation be conducted into the incident.

He wanted to know if Meera Chopra was actually employed by Om Sai Aarogya Care Pvt Ltd or if the card was only given to her so that she could get the vaccine.

About Meera’s Work In The Industry

Meera Chopra is the second cousin of Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra and started her career acting in films in Tamil and Telugu.

She made her debut for Bollywood with horror comedy, Gang Of Ghosts (2014) followed by a horror flick, 1920: London (2016).

Meera Chopra last appeared on the big screen in the highly regarded court drama, Section 375 (2019). Last month, his gritty web series, The Tattoo Murders, was released on Disney + Hotstar.

Twenty days ago, Meera Chopra had revealed that two of her cousins, in their 40s, had passed away after being infected with Covid-19.

An enraged Meera had said in an interview, “I lost two very close cousins not because of Coronavirus but because the medical infrastructure has totally crumbled down. My first cousin couldn’t get an ICU bed in Bengaluru for almost two days”.

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