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Actress Geeta Basra Appreciates Harbhajan Singh For Being A Great Husband

Geeta Basra said that her is very much involved in her life especially now that they’re expecting their second child together.

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh have one daughter, Hinaya Heet, born in 2016. Their second child is expected in July.

What Did Geeta Say?

When asked about the participation of her husband in her life now that she’s in her final trimester, Geeta told Spotboy publication: “Major contribution”.

“He very clearly told me to relax. After he came back from the IPL, he took full responsibility for Hinaya. He takes care of her bathing, waking her up for school and getting her ready for the classes – he is hands-on! And that’s nice because he gets his time with Hinaya too as he’s not usually at home often. And now that I am in my last trimester, things get even more difficult for me, so it’s great that he is around taking care of Hinaya.”

Geeta says that they are trying to cope with the challenges of the pandemic pregnancy the best way they can.

Difficult Pandemic Pregnancy

“We try to keep the balance as much as possible, maintain a positive atmosphere in the home, and play with Hinaya, to make her feel our presence, and being next to her was the best thing that could happen.”

We take her downstairs for a walk in our building. Besides all this, we try to keep the environment at home very normal and not make it look like something is wrong outside. Also, my child is very understanding, she knows that there is a pandemic, so she doesn’t give me a hard time,” she said.

In a previous interview with the Hindustan Times, Geeta said that her first time being pregnant was a more flexible and easy experience

Hinaya’s was a smoother ride in terms of eating but this time, it is difficult to eat and I am not craving anything,” she’d said, calling her second pregnancy ‘difficult’.

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