Actor Hafthor Bjornsson Confesses He Wants To Box Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the finest YouTubers on the planet. He also ventured into the Influencer Boxing realm in the recent years. Logan Paul faced off KSI and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in his professional boxing career so far.

Both the Paul brothers have taken the world of boxing by storm. Jake Paul, the younger brother, is on a 4-0 win streak in his boxing career. He is set to fight Tommy Fury in the ring on December 18,

‘He’s Too Small’

Meanwhile, Logan Paul has called out boxing legends such as Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson for a boxing match. Recently, Icelandic strongman and actor Hafthor Bjornsson has revealed that he would fight Logan Paul in the ring but there is ONE condition.

Bjornsson said that Logan Paul is ‘too small’ for him and also called him a ‘superstar’. However, there is one condition when he would fight Logan.

“I think he’s too small,” Thor said. “He’s too small for me to fight. Even though it would be good for my profile, he’s a superstar.”

What Else Did He Say?

“If he called me out, I wouldn’t say no. But I’m not going to call him out,” the strongman explained, further adding that boxing him could be fun. “I wouldn’t call him out, because that’s kind of silly, you know? He’s smaller, lighter, but if he calls me out that’s a different story.”

“I think they would! I think they don’t give a f**k,” he replied.

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