Acording to Matt Hardy When He Left For AEW, The WWE Star Texted Him Constantly

According to Matt Hardy When He Left For AEW, The WWE Star Texted Him Constantly

The AEW megastar discusses the rivalry between WWE as Well as all Elite Wrestling fans, including why he is not really a supporter of it. The veteran WWE big star discussed his love for the first major wrestling company he worked for, as well as why everybody should appreciate whatever they enjoy in the wrestling industry.

One point I’d want to mention is the tribalism among WWE as well as AEW fans, as in, you should not have to do this, Hardy replied. I’m not certain that if you enjoy it, but the people who do it online start creating toxic environment in the grand scheme of things.

You adore WWE, cheer for WWE, and back WWE. I love WWE, but I’ve said it since the beginning, and I’ll never change my mind. Clearly, when I work elsewhere then, I’ll go tough for AEW since they’re the ones who pay my money at the end of each day, but like in a professional wrestling fight, you take aim at your opposing player and talk s** regarding them.

This is what AEW is going to do to WWE, and that’s what WWE, in theory, is heading to do to AEW, though they may take shots in other ways behind the scenes if they don’t mention AEW.

That’s all part of the sport, all part of the company, so don’t take it too seriously. Don’t be concerned if a WWE wrestler takes a shot at an AEW wrestler. Don’t worry if an AEW wrestler takes a shot at a WWE wrestler; it’s all part of the sport, baby. It was all part of the experience, the publicity, and the joy of professional wrestling. Don’t force yourself into a shoot as a blower, particularly if you’re meeting other fans on social media. Appreciate what you enjoy and be grateful of it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Randy Orton’s 20th year in the business

WWE commemorated Randy Orton’s 20th year in the business last Monday night on RAW, with Viper striking several RAW megastars with the RKO.

Matt Hardy discussed Randy Orton’s legacy and why he considers him to be one of the greatest traditional professional wrestlers of all time.

Randy Orton is f***ing amazing, according to Hardy. I admire Randy’s work, and I’ve always enjoyed working with him. As people, we have a lot in common, and I’ve known him for 20 years. We had become closer than ever in the last couple of years I was in WWE because we shared those personal family lives together and were kind of in the same boat.

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