Vince McMahon

According To Reports, Vince McMahon Has Already Broken A Promise He Made After Returning To WWE

Vince McMahon is taking a step that no one will find surprising. Even though everything is happening much sooner than expected, it was fully anticipated of him. McMahon’s return to WWE was initially intended to look into the possibility of a sale rather than get involved and make changes.

According to reports, he has already broken his promise. The McMahon return saga has seen a lot of events. His supposed retirement turned into a few months of vacation as he used his position as the majority shareholder to reassert himself in authority. He has taken over as WWE’s executive chairman, and Stephanie McMahon has resigned as co-CEO.

Vince McMahon has already broken his promise to refrain from getting involved in anything besides the sale of WWE. The reports state that he has already returned to his office and is making changes. Additionally, he has rehired some former employees, including Brad Blum, his chief of staff. In a meeting, it was reportedly announced to the WWE staff that everything would proceed as usual.

WWE’s co-CEO Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation

According to the story, Vince McMahon’s return won’t change anything, most definitely not Triple H’s role as head of creative. But a few days later, WWE’s co-CEO Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation. According to reports, Triple H called a meeting behind the scenes to reiterate the theme of business as usual. The majority of people, however, seem to believe that everything the WWE accomplished over the previous five months will be undone.

According to a statement in WWE’s press release, “WWE… announced that it will report its fourth quarter and full year 2022 results on Thursday, February 2, 2023, prior to the market opening.” “The company will hold a conference call to discuss the results beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET.” WWE revealed a 19% increase in revenue from Q3 2021 when it released its Q3 earnings in November last year.


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