Aamir Tohid A Multi-Skilled Entrepreneur – Read How He Stands Apart From All!

To be smart, you need to work smartly. Rather than spending hours slogging, people have understood the concept of smart work. Every millennial is hooked to the Internet and has turned creative who are making a lot of money. Aamir Tohid is an entrepreneur who is nurturing various tech start ups has set up incubators in India with his various good connections in the silicon valley. His work gives insight to sports, esports, fashion, gaming. He believes to share broader content rather than a mainstream which caters to a particular category.

“I always wished to do something productive and not the same 9 to 5 job every day. Living in a corporate work-life was not my cup of tea as I always wanted to be different and stand out from everyone. With realizing my interest in tech industry decided to make my career in it”, said Aamir. One of his ambitious dream projects is “PlayersHub ” s,tarted as simple idea : let’s connect the esports community who are scattered across multiple platform into on social marketplace platformwhere casual gamer / streamer / professional player / tournament organisers & host / Brands looking forward to sponsor / gaming zone (gaming cafe, lounge , bar & hotels)all in one platform.

Aamir is very fond of travelling he has travelled all across Europe, USA in the last few years and has made several valueable connections in the tech industry in San Francisco which is the hub of technology Entereprenuers. While speaking about his work, he said, “I think I am in a really good space now. By god’s grace, I am on a progressive path and I hope to create good content in future which can create valuable products.” We hope this young man explores several other aspects of technology and bring the best value.