Aabis Raza Directed ‘Aulaad’ Airs Final Episode On ARY Digital; Audience Not Too Convinced News

Aabis Raza Directed ‘Aulaad’ Airs Final Episode On ARY Digital; Audience Not Too Convinced

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Time icon June 9, 2021

Aulad play is a show in ARY Digital which falls under the banner of Big Bang Productions, and directed by renowned Aabis Raza.

The drama was very much loved by the viewers, and it has gained popularity due to its very true and relatable story.

The most part of the drama revolves around the old parents and their selfish children who wouldn’t want to live with their parents after creating their own families.

Cast Members

The public was seen with a general consensus that most often, this is the case.

Mohammed Ahmed, Marina Khan were playing the characters of the Parents and their children had a nasty attitude towards them, but then realized their mistake after the death of one of their younger brothers and sisters.

The Last Episode

Viewers told that the drama had a strong plot, and exciting situations, and a content that me and all other fans have been waiting for the last episodes of the drama .

The last episode of the drama just aired tonight, the episode was not much loved by the public.

In last episode, the children of the suffering couple went to them and confessed their wrongdoings, they asked for forgiveness but for the parents it was too late for the redemption .

Fan Reactions

The parents didn’t forgive their children on which netizens thought that the parents should have forgiven the children as no parents are that strict-hearted .

Netizens thoroughly loved the emotional and heart wrenching sad serial of helpless parents but they didn’t agree to the end and were convinced enough that in the real life parents are not this much strict and harsh who close all the doors of apology and redemption.

The acting of Muhammad Ahmad and Marina Khan broke audience into tears throughout , fans loved the drama but felt that the ending remained unsatisfactory .

Many members of the public felt that the end could have been more careful, defined and comprehensive. Even though the finale, the audience was unanimous in favor of this drama being a beautiful one and serving a purpose. This is a lesson that will have to be addressed to a lot of people.

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