A Teaser for Season 11 of The Walking Dead Reveals a Zombie Cure News

A Teaser for Season 11 of The Walking Dead Reveals a Zombie Cure

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Time icon August 24, 2021

A new teaser for Season 11 of The Walking Dead suggests that a cure may be on the way. The Walking Dead started in 2010 and instantly became a hit, telling the story of a small community of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Throughout the length of the show, viewers have seen their motley crew meet with a variety of other groups, some welcoming, like Alexandria, and others downright hostile, like The Saviors. Despite the fact that zombies remain a constant threat to the main group of survivors, the show reveals that people may be far more horrible.

Though its popularity has dropped in recent years, AMC’s The Walking Dead is still a big draw, and the show’s 11th season premiered Sunday night with the opening episode, “Acheron: Part I.”

Be The Cure

Apart from a brief ray of promise in season 1, a cure for the zombie virus, with which everyone is infected, has remained elusive throughout the show’s run. Although the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, stated in 2015 that he sees a happy ending for the show, he did not specify a cure.

To promote the new season, The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account just uploaded a brief video that suggests a cure may be on the way. The film, which is designed to seem like an animated wartime recruitment poster, shows Commonwealth military chief Mercer (Michael James Shaw) asking people to join the military “Be the cure.

Join the Commonwealth.” It’s very possible that “Be the cure” is more than simply a recruitment slogan, given that the Commonwealth appears to be the most advanced community in the show thus far.

Check out the following teaser video:

Given the show’s direction thus far, it seems unlikely that The Walking Dead will conclude on a joyful note, making the possibility of a real cure a bit of a stretch.

Given that Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond are still active spinoffs of The Walking Dead, it seems more likely that any cure hinted at in season 11 will prove to be a source of false hope, allowing the zombie adventures to continue in these spinoff properties, including the long-awaited Rick Grimes movies and anticipated Daryl and Carol spinoff series.

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