Vince McMahon 

A Status Update on Netflix Documentary About Vince McMahon 

There is an update on the planned Netflix documentary series about former WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon’s life. According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while the Netflix docuseries on McMahon was initially said to be cancelled, the project is still in the works. WWE appears to be cooperating with production, as director and executive producer Chris Smith is attached.

Last month, it was noted that the documentary series had already been excluded from Netflix’s programming spreadsheet. In 2020, WWE declared the project. It’s said to show a different side of McMahon that fans haven’t seen before. At least just one documentary about McMahon is currently in the works, and a book will be published next year. The news that Netflix had pulled the docuseries came after it was revealed in mid-June that McMahon was being studied by the company’s Board of Directors for spending a former paralegal $3 billion dollars in hush money to pay for up their affair.

It was later revealed that McMahon had also paid hush money to four other women totaling $12 million. McMahon stepped away from most of his day-to-day obligations with WWE before formally announcing his departure late last month due to mounting allegations of inappropriate spending. Stephanie McMahon & company president Nick Khan took over as co-CEOs of WWE, while Stephanie’s hubby, Triple H, took over McMahon’s creative obligations and it was given the name Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

Vince McMahon

Former WWE Ceo and Chairman Vince McMahon is the topic of continuing investigations into huge amounts of money paid to former female employees to stop sex assault, harassment, as well as other misconduct accusations. The Wall Street Journal revealed the improper payments. 

The WWE Board of Directors opened an investigation into a $3 million billing McMahon decided to make to a former company employee with whom he had a relationship in June. According to reports, the board’s investigation uncovered additional non-disclosure contracts with former WWE staff who claimed misbehaviour by McMahon and of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

McMahon agreed to pay a total of $14.6 million in payments or future payments between 2006 and 2022, according to subsequent SEC filings. According to the Wall Street Journal, McMahon paid $7.5 million to a former female talent who he coerced into engaging in sexual activity with him. She was demoted and then fired after she refused his further advances.

McMahon made the payments using personal funds, according to the investigation. Nevertheless, according to WWE, the payouts were for the benefit of WWE and thus should be noted as such. As a result, the corporation is correcting previous financial reports to reflect the payments. The inquiry is also going to look into WWE’s hrm programmes as well as the overall company culture.


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