A Month For The History Books

A Month For The History Books

There are 2 weeks remaining for the Playoffs start. But before that we witnessed the best scoring month in NBA history. March has been a crazy scoring month for the fans as players were displaying their full offensive arsenal and going for 50. The NBA previously had seen outbursts such as thee but it mostly used to be done by a single player.

This shows how much the game has evolved from their previous style of plays. There is also the case that most of the defensive tactics have been blown away due to rule changes brought to the NBA. Every fan loves to see offensive flow in the game and that is what the league did.

This finally led to the highest scoring month in NBA history with nine 50-point performances. It was especially an exhilarating time for the fans who had the opportunity to witness these performances. We shall be looking at those scoring splits.

March 5, 2022- LeBron James

It all started with ‘the King’ when he put down the Golden State Warriors with his 56 point performance. This was the time when the lakers were struggling to win even a single game and so LeBron brought his hammer down going 19 off 31 from the field and 6 off 11 from beyond the arc.

March 6, 2022- Jayson Tatum

The next day Tatum from the Boston Celtics went off for 54 points against the Brooklyn Nets. It was more of a vengeful outburst for Tatum as the Nets had beaten them in the Playoffs last year and Kyrie had stamped on the Celtic’s logo. He made 16 off 30 from the field and 53% from the 3-point line.

March 8, 2022- Kyrie Irving

Irving exploded for 50 points against the Charlotte Hornets. The most awestriking fact about the match is that he did it in just 15 off 19 shots from the field and 9 off 12 from the 3-point range. His variety of offensive arsenal gained respect among the league because of his performance.

March 11, 2022- LeBron James

James gave another 50 point performance to warrant another Lakers win. He scored 18 off 25 from the field and 6 off 9 from 3-point range. The Lakers abysmal scoring has led to LeBron putting them on his shoulders to carry them.

March 13, 2022- Kevin Durant

In a derby match against the Knicks, Durant took this opportunity to torch the Knicks. He went off for 53 points going 19 off 37 from the field and 4 off 12 from beyond the arc. Due to Kyrie’s absence from the arenas at New York and Brooklyn, Durant took the load in order to keep the Nets afloat.

March 14, 2022- Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns went absolutely berserk in the game against the Spurs. He scored 60 points reaching a new career high. He made 19 off 31 from the field and shot 7 off 11 from the 3-point line, putting the league on notice.

March 15, 2022- Kyrie Irving

Following Town’s performance seems to have ignited a fire within Irving as he too went off for a career high 60 points in his match against the Magic. He made 20 off 31 from the field and 8 of 12 from the 3-point territory.

March 17, 2022- Saddiq Bey

Out of all the players mentioned in the list, the sophomore from the Pistons is the most surprising as he exploded for 51 points against the Magic. He made 17 off 27 from the field and 10 off 14 from beyond the arc. His performance is a testament to the things he can do on the court.

March 31, 2022- DeMar DeRozan

Finally we have Mr 4th Quarter from the Chicago Bulls. In a crucial overtime match against the Clippers, DeRozan went off for 50 points. He shot 17 off 26 from the field and 2 off 2 from the 3-point land. His midrange game has developed to that level where he can outscore any opponent.

This was how maddening the month of March. A little preview of what we can expect during the Playoffs. It would be a shame if the trailer turned out to be better than the climax. Let us witness what is to come and what to expect.

“Ladies and gentleman you have witnessed the 2nd greatest performance in NBA history.” That’s the way Soham was introduced to the world of Basketball. He is an ardent fan of the game capturing every moment, whether it be the long and turbulent regular season or the nail-biting playoff series. His perspective as a player provides valuable insight to the game. A follower of Kobe Bryant, he brings his mamba mentality in gathering every piece of information of the NBA.