A Major Update On The XFL Settlement Between Vince McMahon And Oliver Luck

A Major Update On The XFL Settlement Between Vince McMahon And Oliver Luck

Vince McMahon now has one less thing to be concerned about. McMahon no longer has to deal with his legal battle against former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck because an investigation by his own board hangs over his head. Luck sued McMahon for unpaid compensation, claiming that his contract with the XFL and parent company Alpha Entertainment was improperly terminated just before the company filed for bankruptcy in April of 2020.

Brandon Thurston has affirmed that the two parties’ lawsuit has been settled. Thurston wrote that the parties had reached an amicable resolution and wished each other well in their future endeavours. McMahon countered Luck’s wrongful termination suit, claiming that Luck was fired for cause after hiring wide receiver Antonio Callaway, who was arrested in 2018 for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended licence.

Although the charges were dismissed, Callaway’s hiring was at odds with the XFL’s plan of not hiring players with off-field exploits or scandals. A recent settling meeting was brief, leading many others to believe the case would go to trial in July, but that has now been removed from Luck and McMahon’s proverbial table. With an active investigation into McMahon, the controversial WWE figurehead may have hoped to prevent the public nature of a trial.

According to the report, both parties appear to have approved a motion to seal all materials related to the case. McMahon’s side did not object to Luck’s motion to seal the documents. The XFL relaunched in 2020, but attendance plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the company declared bankruptcy just months later. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has since purchased the company.

XFL’s new logo

As previously reported, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared a video on the internet showcasing the XFL’s new logo. The company aims for a January 2023 official launch for their football training sessions. However, as per the company TOGETHXR, which thinks their logo is very similar to the recently unveiled XFL logo. A legal notice was sent to the organisation immediately.

All to often, done by women and creativity are overlooked and undervalued, as per the company’s Instagram post. In this, fairness and inclusion are the rule. We’re excited to see the XFL accept inclusivity, but this isn’t it. We’ve issued a legal notice and will keep defending our vital work.

TOGETHXR appears to have a problem with how an X comes together to form this same word together in the XFL’s public statement. It’s also worth noting how the language used in the XFL comments and previous posts from TOGETHXR are similar.

TOGETHXR is a press and commerce company that was founded by Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Chloe Kim, and Simone Manuel with the goal of changing the perception of women in social norms. The company was founded in 2015.


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