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A Former WWE Star Erick Rowan Discusses His Relationship With Triple H  

Paul Levesque, the company’s Chief Content Officer, has earned the respect of Erick Rowan. He is not one of the former WWE wrestlers who joined the organization after Vince McMahon’s retirement. Rowan, who left WWE in 2020 and has competed as Erick Redbeard on the independent circuit, said on the “Ten Count” podcast that he saw wrestling through a corporate spectrum rather than as an emotional experience.

“I’ve been a businessman my entire life,” he claimed. “I arrive at work dressed professionally, friendly, and respectful of everyone.” That is work.”Every day, you perform to the best of your ability and get better at what needs to be done.” According to Rowan, Levesque and Rowan had a friendly relationship; he also claimed that they got along.

He continued, “When you talk about relationships with Triple H, it was friendly, it was professional, and that’s all it was.” People often claim that they have the best jobs ever, but the truth is that they still work regular 9–5 hours. You receive your task list. “You do your job to the best of your abilities because it’s a job.” He joked about not having a photo of Triple H pointing at him after a title win.

NXT Europe

Rowan added that he was pleased for his former coworkers because Levesque might give them more creative freedom. “It’s even better if things are better now and you can contribute a little bit more creatively.” “I’m so happy for those people because they can then communicate these ideas and possibly put on a much better performance,” the previous SmackDown Tag Team champion said.

In August, WWE announced the release of NXT Europe. The new brand, which is set to launch in 2023, aims to include more Pan-European countries. WWE recently held its third-quarter earnings call, during which Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque provided additional insight into the concept behind the shift and also why WWE NXT UK was closed down. 

We wanted to replicate what we were doing in the US when we started NXT UK, and we got a good start on it until COVID came along and slowed everything down, forcing us to rethink it. So we got to the point where we were ready to go again, but it’s difficult to rebrand and reboot something while it’s still running, according to Levesque. As a result, we turned it off. As Europe evolves and grows, I believe we will see it mimicking a bit more of what we see in the United States. 


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