99 Originals NFT By Logan Paul: How To Buy, Release Date, And Should You Invest?

Logan Paul, one of the biggest and most popular entertainers on the face of earth is coming out with his own NFT Collection. It is titled 99 Originals! The NFT collection consists of 99 exclusive and original pictures captured by Logan Paul with his polaroid camera during his odysseys to different parts of the world.

As the release date of 99 Originals NFT collection draws closer, the fans of Logan Paul are more excited than ever. If you are wondering where can you buy a 99 Originals NFT, when is the collection actually releasing, and the most important: SHOULD YOU INVEST IN IT?, then this comprehensive guide will answer all your questions.

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    What Is 99 Originals NFT?

    The 99 Originals NFT collection is the brain baby of YouTuber-cum-Boxer-cum-Businessman Logan Paul. It is a digital collection of 99 polaroids that Logan Paul describes as ‘the most transformative journey of my life’. These are 99 photos that he took over the course of 99 days.

    The NFT collection consists of the most ‘significant moments and adventures’ that Logan Paul experienced throughout 99 days of his life. This is where the collection derives its name from.

    Logan Paul pushed himself to the ‘furthest mental and physical depths while trekking 84,029 miles around the globe with a Polaroid camera’ for the 99 Originals NFT project to come to fruition.

    It comprises of pictures taken by Logan Paul while he was partying with the wealthy, battling his substance addiction, and witnessing miracles. It is a complete package of art, culture, and creativity.

    Official Release Date

    The NFT Collection was initially set to release on April 17th. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Logan Paul decided to delay the launch of his NFT collection until further notice on the 20th of April.

    But now, there is an official release date announced for the 99 Originals NFT! The collection will launch on Monday, May 9, 2022. Starting May 9, everyday for the next 99 days, one NFT will be auctioned on the official website of 99 Originals NFT.

    In an update video released by Logan Paul on Twitter, he said “On 8th May it’s Mother’s Day, it’s Formula 1, and I’m not sure I want to compete against those things. So I think I’m gonna punch for a Monday launch.”

    How To Buy 99 Originals NFT By Logan Paul?

    From May 9, 2022, each day one NFT will be auctioned on the originals.com website. Each auction will last for 24 hours and anyone can participate from around the world.

    To buy a 99 Originals NFT, you should follow three simple steps:

    • Visit the originals.com website on May 9, and each day thereafter for the next 99 days
    • Connect your crypto wallet and ensure you have enough Ethereum [ETH] loaded into your wallet.
    • Place a bid on the website

    Once you place a bid, your ETH will be held in an escrow wallet. If there is no higher bidder than you, you become the new owner of a 99 Originals NFT. The owners of 99 Originals NFT will also get PSA certified and sealed physical picture of the non-fungible token.

    PS: If any bid is added in the last 15 minutes of the 24 hour auction timeline, the auction clock resets back by 15 minutes.

    Price Of The NFT Collection

    Since the NFTs will be sold via auction, there is no fixed price announced. However, we do know that bidding is only allowed in excess of 10% compared to previous bids.

    For example, if the current bid for is 100 ETH, then a person willing to place a higher bid can only do so by +10%, i.e., 100 ETH + 10% = 110 ETH.

    The price of the NFT Collection will only be ascertained after the first week of the auction ends. The interest level of the fans and NFT community remains to be gauged at the moment. It can either be solf for few thousands, few hundred thousands, or even few millions of dollars. It remains to be seen.

    99 Original NFT Sales

    Originals NamePriceNFT Description
    Day 1 of 99 – #1 Original_One25 ETH ($60K)Digital art pioneer, Mike Winkelmann (most famously known as “Beeple”), stands in front of his most ambitious piece to date – HUMAN_ONE – at Christie’s Auction House in NYC.
    Day 2 of 99 – #14 42 BORED APE46.5 ETH ($104k)The real Bored Ape: an unamused chimpanzee wears a DMT sweater, Captain’s Hat, and 3D glasses.
    Day 3 of 99 – #31 MIKE TYSON’S PIGEONS22 ETH (44k)Mike Tyson plays with his pigeons outside his home in Las Vegas.
    Day 4 of 99 – #41 The April Fool37.69 ETH ($78k)
    “… as soon as we touched down in Reykjavik, we rushed to the Blue Lagoon to take a photo of me with my blue suit and cast. Unprovoked, our host began detailing the rich history of Iceland. ‘You’re in Iceland bro. You’re in a fairy tale.’ It’s true. I consider this place a dreamscape…” (to be continued)
    Day 5 of 99 – #9 EXIT MY ORBIT28 ETH ($56.7k)
    “However, I had less than zero desire to go party tonight… or have sex. Like I said, low libido. All we wanted to do was go spin a sparky ball of fire and make cool Polaroids. I think we got one tonight…” (to be continued)
    Day 6 of 99 – #85 The Last Blockbuster
    30.5 ETH ($63.5k)“‘So you documented the last one in the country, eh? You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. You should’ve been alive in the 80s. This was THE place to come on Friday and Saturday nights.’ – Marc, our Uber driver on the way out of Bend, Oregon
    Day 7 of 99 – #92 CANNIBAL
    13 ETH ($26k)
    “‘Albino alligators are extremely rare. Biologists estimate there are only about 100 existing in the world. They are the offspring of parents that carry the recessive gene for albinism, meaning they do not have the ability to create melanin to color their skin or eyes.” We took over 100 Polaroids today, and there are only 2/3 that I like. This work is occasionally just a numbers game…” (to be continued)
    Day 8 of 99 – #4 /20 Cheech & Chong
    12 ETH ($24,.7k)
    The Godfathers of marijuana, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, share stories about their prolific film and media careers while rolling joints at an indoor Cannabis facility.
    Day 9 of 99 – #45 six naked men in the woods
    AUCTION LIVE“We cackled like idiots as we stripped down to our birthday suits, standing side by side in the same wilderness that I cherished so much in my youth…” (to be continued)

    Should You Invest In A 99 Originals NFT?

    Investing in any NFT projects boils down to two questions.

    • What utility does the NFT offers to its holders?
    • How is the art and market sentiment for the NFT?

    Answering both these questions for the 99 Originals NFT collection can help you to decide whether or not you should invest in it.

    It is undoubtedly an ‘artistic project’ with high artistic value and emotions. The market sentiment, prior to release, seems to be positive but nothing can be said regarding the demand of the NFT until 9th May 2022 – it’s official launch date.

    99 Originals DAO

    Holders of the NFT are also provided with real world utility. They get to become a member of the Originals DAO.

    Being a member of the Originals DAO, you will get special benefits and perks such as:

    1. Purchasing digital and physical assets
    2. Managing assets held in the Treasury
    3. Funding projects by members
    4. Get exclusive access to exclusive events
    5. Give topic suggestions or guests for IMPAULSIVE
    6. Be sponsoring artists, showcases & activations

    99 Originals NFT Trailer

    Watch the official trailer of the NFT Collection below:

    What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Would you be investing in the artistic project?

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