90s Video Game Duke Nukem To Be Adapted As A Film? Check Out The Details

How great it would be to see a 90s video game come to life on a big screen? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But this thing is actually going to happen as the classic video game ” Duke Nukem” will be on big screens soon. The film is going to be transformed into a movie adaptation of the video game, the film is in development and is soon going to be released.

The people behind making the Duke Nukem video game come to life are Legendary Entertainment. They took the rights to create the movie from Gearbox and now are ready to make the film. Adding to this they also have Cobra Kai creators on board Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg will be the producers. Along with Cobra Kai creators, and Legendary entertainment, another big name to join the production is Assassin’s Creed director (Julien Baronnet).

Other details about the Duke Nukem film are not yet revealed, soon we will get to know who will be leading the movie & the cast. It would be exciting to see which actors get considered for the role.

Once there were rumors about John Cena playing the blonde action superhero for the video game adaptation movie by Paramount Pictures & Platinum Dunes. But later on, the film never made it to the production. We don’t know yet if  Legendary entertainment & Cobra Kai Creators take into consideration John Cena for the role or if they cast somebody else.

About Duke Nukem: 

He is the 90s action superhero & protagonist of a video game of the same name. The first appearance of the Duke Nekam was in the year 1991 with the game developed by Apogee Software. Now the company is named after some other name called the 3D realms. The video game has 4 series which are Duke Nukem (1991), Duke Nukem ll (1993), Duke Nukem 3D (1996), and Duke Nukem Forever (2011).

Duke’s mission mostly consists of fighting the aliens who invade earth & he also deals with the Los Angeles police officers who are mutated and have taken over the city. His personality traits are that he is very confident, aggressive & has great physical abilities.

The fans of Duke Nekam await the release as the film is still under development.

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