90 Day Fiance Fans React As Kobe Comments On Emily's Weight

90 Day Fiance Fans React As Kobe Comments On Emily’s Weight

The ninth season of 90 Day Fiance has brought couples who were apart, together. In the latest episode, we witnessed the story of Emily and Kobe who were unable to meet each other because of COVID-19 and his visa problems.

Unfortunately for the couple, the last time they were together, Emily was pregnant and Kobe was absent from his son’s birth. However, in 90 Day Fiance, he is set to meet Koban as he flew over to Emily’s hometown.

But ever since the first episode, Emily was worried about Kobe’s reaction to her weight gain. She gained weight after giving birth to their son which she knew was something Kobe will not appreciate.

Emily did not bring their son to the airport as she wanted to spend a night alone with Kobe. She left their son with her parents and went to the airport. But Emily did not inform Kobe about this who was excited to meet his son.

Emily was extremely nervous at the airport as she was scared of the reaction Kobe might have. She broke down after seeing him as they hugged each other. Kobe revealed in the confessional scenes that he was excited to see her but wanted to meet his son.

He then commented on her weight gain after saying he was thrilled to meet her. However, as soon as he commented on her weight, Emily looked appalled. But Kobe added how it does not matter to him and that he loves her.

Fans of the show expressed their disappointment at Kobe’s comment on her weight. Here are a few reactions to his comment,

Before this, Emily’s parents had warned her as they think Kobe is irresponsible and does not have a stable financial background. Her parents have been supportive of their daughter and helped her out during her pregnancy. They will be meeting Kobe for the first time and if Kobe fails to assure them that he is a good partner and father, he will have to leave.

Kobe is still unaware of the absence of his son. This might create tension between the couple. Fans will be able to watch 90 Day Fiance episode 2 later on TLC’s site.

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