Minaxi Modi

57 years old Minaxi Modi from Gujarat records 110 suryanamaskar in a day; read more!

Out of the many fitness regimes in the world, Yoga is the most celebrated one. It not only focusses on physical health, but also has basis in spirituality as well. It emphasises on a lot of ‘meditation’ as well which is done after performing Yoga.

Minaxi Jayesh Modi, a 57 years old lady from Gujarat has taken everyone by surprise with her count of daily suryanamaskar. This lady does a total of 90-110 suryanamaskars on a daily basis.

With full zeel and enthusiasm, Minaxi Modi is setting a benchmark for all the yoga lovers and the youngsters by performing the aasan with such great numbers.

Sun has been a source of both spirituality and vitality on the Earth since time immemorial. Hence, Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, has a range of effects on the human body.

Devoting time to Surya Namaskar every morning ensures that you have a set schedule which cannot be altered.

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