5 Best Investment Apps For Managing Your Portfolio

Investing your hard-earned money requires proper planning, tracking, and periodic reviews. There can be plenty of avenues to invest ranging from fixed income securities, 401(k), individual retirement accounts, equities, cryptocurrencies, and health insurance products. When all of these investment products comprise a portion of your overall portfolio, it can get crummy to keep a track and manage them all. Using good investment apps can smoothen the process for you.

To allow investors to manage their portfolio, provide them easy access to asset-allocation and diversification strategies, and help them understand their financial position at a specific point of time, investment apps come into picture. This guide will share the top 5 portfolio tracking apps that you can use to manage your investments.

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    What Is A Portfolio Management App?

    As the name suggests, it is an app that helps you manage your investment portfolio. These apps are usually free when it comes to basic features like recording your investments, tracking them real-time, basic retirement plan creation, adding notes, creating a watchlist of your potential investments, so on and so forth.

    A good portfolio tracking app must have the following features:

    • Should be free, at least with the basic plan.
    • Should allow users to compare their investment portfolio Vs a benchmark return
    • Must have a user friendly interface which is easy to grasp
    • Should provide investment allocation and diversification tips
    • Preferably generate custom reports based on user’s investment portfolio

    Which Are The Best Investment Tracking Apps?

    The Apple and Android app store is flooded with financial tracking apps that allow users to keep a track of their expenses, create monthly budgets, monitor their investment portfolio, and more. Choosing the best one amongst a flurry of investment trackers can be a painfully time-consuming chore.

    In the end, it boils down to personal preferences and needs of the investor. While some investors might be looking for an added portfolio diversification strategies feature, others might just want to record and track their portfolio. Keeping all the different needs of investors in mind, here are the 5 Best Investment Apps we have come up with:

    1.) Personal Capital Finance

    The Personal Capital financial dashboard is hands down one of the best investment tracking and managing apps on the market. It includes features such as creating a savings plan for the user, recording investments, creating custom reports, syncing with bank accounts, and more.

    Withg this app, you do not have to worry about manually inputting your investment data into the tracker. You can directly sync your bank account or 401(k) and the Personal Capital Finance app imports the data directly.

    Personal Capital is available on iOS and Android for free. It has over three million active users and $22 Billion worth of money is being tracked and reported on its dashboard.

    Personal Capital App is easy to understand and user-friendly. Users can compare their investment against another asset class or a benchmark index.

    You can also classify your investments into different categories on Personal Capital Finance App:

    • US Bonds
    • Cash
    • Equity
    • International Equity
    • Cryptocurrencies

    The app also has a retirement planner feature that tells the user how they should approach investing for their retirement. After inputting your retirement goals such as the amount of money you’d like to have when you retire and your risk taking appetite, the retirement planner generates a customer investment plan for you.

    And guess what? If you decide to go with the paid package, you also get access to a personal wealth advisor. You can contact your advisor for investment advice via Facetime, Chat, and Email.

    2.) SigFig Wealth Management

    Next on the list is the free stock tracking app SigFig Wealth Management. You must note that this app does ‘NOT’ just track stocks and is an overall investment management app.

    SigFig is also available on both iOS and Android. It has a feature to sync with your broker and trading account, as well as IRA or 401(k)s.

    With SigFig, you can view real-time performance of your portfolio and stay on top of things. The app is very user-friendly and has graphs, charts, and reports to make things easier to understand. The best features of this app are:

    • User-friendly interface
    • Charts, graphs, and custom reports to help you understand you track your investments better
    • Feature to automate your investments
    • Syncs with your brokerage and bank account to import real time data

    For a fee of 0.025% annually, users can also avail the personal investment plan feature. The plan is prepared by the accurate algo of SigFig and review by investment professionals. You also get regular investment checkup and rebalancing advice in the paid plan of the app.

    SigFig also provides the facility to automate your investments. By connecting your bank account and authorizing the SigFig app to invest on your behalf, you do not have to worry about being actively involved.

    3.) Morningstar Portfolio Manager

    The Morningstar Portfolio Tacking app is yet another great choice to go with if you are in the market for good investment tools. However, with this app, unlike the aforementioned two, you will be required to manually input investment data.

    Nonetheless, Morningstar does a great job at tracking investments across 401(k)s, IRAs, HSAs, Fixed Income Bonds, and Stocks. The app provides analysis and in-depth checkup of your investments across different asset class.

    An exclusive feature of Morningstar Portfolio Manager is the Instant X-Ray feature. This feature gives you in-depth breakdown and analysis of your portfolio based on risk factor, diversification, sector allocation in stocks, and even by region.

    4.) Quicken Premier Portfolio Tracker

    Quicken Premier is a handy investment tracking tool and one of the best investment apps out there. Just like the aforementioned three apps, this app also allows investors to keep their portfolio organized.

    Quick Premier portfolio analysis does a great job at reporting investment risks, inflows, outflows, and expenses. The users can sync their investment accounts to the Quicken Premier software.

    Quicken uses Morningstar data to analyze your investments and give suggestions. The best things about this investment tracking app are:

    • Helps to build a detailed asset allocation plan
    • Easy to track investment inflows and outflow
    • Feature to sync your financial accounts in the software

    However, Quicken Premier loses its shine when it comes to user-friendliness. They use a primitive interface that certainly requires some upgrades. While the efficiency can be improved, the effectiveness of the app for investors is second to none.

    5.) Sharesight

    Sharesight Investment tracker enables investors to track their portfolio on a real-time basis through price data extracted from over 40 stock exchanges. It has a dedicated panel for investment advisory, retirement planning, savings account syncing, and financial literacy.

    Users can read up on different financial good practices and investment strategies. On top of all that, Sharesight also helps investors project their expected investment returns over a period of time.

    It also forecasts divident income for investors who are passive-aggressive in the market. It offers period portfolio review and rebalancing advice as well.


    Investing can be arduous and demanding. If your portfolio is not reviewed periodically and investments not tracked, things can go south in no time. Hence, keeping a track of your investment accounts is key.

    While that can be a time-consuming task, Investment Apps have come up that allow investors to track their investments, manage their portfolio, and create a retirement plan with relative ease. The best investment apps which we came across are listed in this article ranging from Personal Capital Finance app, Sharesight, SigFig App, Morningstar, e.t.c.

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