$400 Bracelet That Taehyung of BTS Wore In His Live Gets “Sold Out” In One Hour

V, a member of BTS, pleasantly surprised his fans on Tuesday by hosting a live session on Weverse and discussing a variety of personal subjects. V, aka Kim Taehyung, talked about BTS member Jin, who is currently performing his required military service. He also mentioned that he played video games with friends, including Jungkook, before his live session.

V Surprises Fans With A Live Chat

V greeted his fans and offered them best wishes for the Korean New Year during his brief first live performance. According to a tweet he said, “Receive a lot of blessings for the New Year, everyone! (happy new year).” Later he also added, “On the Seollal Day, I ate a meal together with my family and I also ate outside with my family.”

Additionally, V admitted to his fans that he held the live session because he was bored. He added, “I’ll come again later when I feel bored. I don’t really use the phone a lot these days. I ordered some expensive strawberries.. I’ll now go to eat them. You guys, be happy, be healthy.. don’t get sick. Do well and work hard today as well and receive a lot of blessings this new year and be healthy and happy and don’t get sick or hurt. Bye.”

When discussing his video game during his second live session, V added, “I was playing a game with some pals. There is also Jungkookie. I turned the game off while I was playing because I was concerned that if someone died in the game, they might say something inappropriate during a live.”

V mentioned Jin and Jungkook as well. He stated: “I’ve been fully resting these days well. I haven’t done anything and I work on music sometimes when I remember it but it’s not the usual. I must work on it (from) now (on).” Speaking about Jin, V said, “Around this time, Jin hyung pops up saying ‘hi, yo’ or “Vo” (in the comments).. hyung said he is working hard right now.. he contacted us.”

V’s Bracelet Sold Out In One Hour

After the live fans apparently rushed to find out more about the Bracelet that V wore during his live. Within just one hour of the Live session the expensive 400 Dollar Bracelet was out of stock.

400$ Prairie Bracelet by Parisian brand Les Cleias was “Sold Out” in under 1 hour after it’s appearance in his weverse live. The brand also replied under a BTS Fanpage, “In 1 hour we are out of stock. V has taken our necklace & wrapped it around making it as a bracelet”.

Apparently, Taehyung was not wearing the brand’s bracelet but a necklace by them wrapped around his wrist like a bracelet, yet still, he sold out their bracelet.

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