‘4 More Days Lol’: Second Channel Of KSI To Finally Get Unbanned On YouTube

Recently English-YouTuber KSI got into some serious trouble with YouTube when the platform flagged one of KSI‘s videos for violating community guidelines. The video was a Try Not To Laugh Challenge ‘(Virgin Edition)’. Why did YouTube flag the video?

YouTube issued a strike on KSI’s second channel and the Try Not To Laugh (Virgin Edition) video over ‘child endangerment’ concerns. This means that the video showed a minor in a harmful or risky situation. The strike was the second one on KSI’s secondary channel. If a YouTuber gets three flags, the channel is permanently suspended. So yeah, it is a big deal to KSI.

1 More Strike And It’s Over

The YouTuber was evidently frustrated when the video was flagged. he took to Twitter and said “1 more strike and it’s over lol, I feel like it’s inevitable anyway. I physically can’t watch every single video I’ve made on my 2nd channel to see if there’s any child safety in it…”

On August 24, KSI gave an update into the situation. He shared a picture from YouTube portal that shows KSI’s second channel ‘‘JJ Olatunji’ is banned from uploading new videos and live streaming. However, the two weeks ban is approaching an end with just 4 days left.

‘Longest 2 Weeks Of My Life’

KSI tweeted saying “4 more days lol… Longest 2 weeks of my life”.

The YouTuber has been making waves in the music industry lately. With major albums and songs, he is the buzzing musician in town. His songs and albums have been topping the global charts and KSI doesn’t seem to slow down.

The YouTuber-Musician-Boxer also gave a prediction about the upcoming Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley fight. If you are interested in knowing who KSI ‘shockingly’ supports in the fight, click here.


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