18 Year Old 7 Ft Basketball Player Catches Shaquille O’Neal’s Attention

It’s hard to get the attention of a basketball legend who has seen every move in the world of basketball and is considered one of the greatest players. When Shaquille O’Neal’s attention is at stake, you have to stand out from the crowd and be something extraordinary.

The basketball player recently caught Shaq’s attention while playing. There is an streaming video of an 18-year-old boy playing very well and his video is streaming online. Shaq shared the boy’s video on his Instagram account, and it seems the boy’s ability to jump fascinated Shaq.

Henri Veesar, an 18-year-old basketball player, caught O’Neal’s attention after his monster slam escalated. Speaking of the best player on the web, his ball handling skills are what allow him to build medium to short drives.

In addition, he can also close off the perimeter in straight lines, and because of his height, it is easy for him to move quickly against opponents. As we look at his game, there are some things he can improve, like his jump, but the way he comes out, it looks like he will be a top player. He is currently playing for Real Madrid, but the way he is working hard to improve his moves and the game, we may see him in the NBA soon.

Shaquille O’Neal is always there to help

Shaq has always been an advocate for players who want to get into the NBA. Through his generous giving and helping others in various ways, such as helping with financial needs or career issues. Through his actions, he has helped many people.

Additionally, he never deviates from supporting future talent in any sport, not just basketball. As she regularly writes on social media, sometimes it’s a funny meme, and sometimes it’s a new emerging talent. Throughout his career, Shaq often talked about how he wanted to help others. In his youth, he faced many pressures, and he does not want anyone to go through the same experience.

Shaquille O’Neal Put Up Thousands of Dollars to Catch a Gun Violence Suspect

There is no denying that Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many talents. Aside from having one of the best NBA jobs one can think of, the 7-foot-1-inch giant has left its mark elsewhere. While most fans may be familiar with Shaq’s work as a commentator, he is also a businessman, philanthropist, DJ, and police officer!

Yes, you heard that. Shaq is a registered police officer. In addition, he does not need a badge to report to the police. After a tragic incident that claimed the life of a police officer in late 2021, Shaq intervened to help. He gave a huge prize to anyone who would help the police catch the fugitive shooter.

Interestingly, he was sworn in as reserve officer in Miami beach in 2005. Interestingly, you signed a contract with only an annual salary of only $ 1! In another incident in which Shaq was performing his duty as a police officer, he announced a grand reward for arresting a criminal. He has announced a $ 5,000 cash prize for anyone who helped find the shooter.

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