10 K-Pop Heardle You Have To Know About

10 K-Pop Heardle You Have To Know About

Heardle can be called as the child of Wordle. It was smartly created by fans who named the app accurately. Heardle would need fans to have listened to the music to guess the song.

The original version of the app was developed by Omaske Studios. And since the Heardle for Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and One Direction was made, it is quiet obvious that K-pop industry will not be left behind.

Fans have developed various K-pop Heardles like BTS, TWICE, EXO, Monsta X, The Boyz, Red Velvet, Taemin, Enhypen, NCT, Stray Kids, etc. All the rules are the same as Wordle the only catch is that fans will have to guess a song instead of a word. The lyrics or snippets of the song are presented to the players as hints.


BTS Heardle is obviously the first one to be in a K-pop version of the game that was released. Unlike its counterparts, the game provides players with seven attempts where they could get the song right. These chances are a nod to the seven members of the band.

The game also offers the chance to collect photos from all BTS eras and confetti designs which was furhter developed. It’s no surprise that there is a dedicated Twitter account for the game which has over 17k followers. This is after the game was launched in March 2022.

Monsta X

The Monsta X Heardle is also quite popular among fans. Fans even give their feedback in a separate sub-reddit, which is then used for further development of the game.

The mini-album Shape of Love by MONSTA X will be released on April 26, 2022. Because MONSTA X member Kihyun tested positive for COVID-19, the release date was moved back from April 11 to April 26.


Fans have been sharing their scores on social media after they have played the EXO version of the game. All of the K-Pop group’s classic tracks can be found on the app. Fans can expect more songs to be added to the game’s playlist as leader SUHO is making his comeback.

Red Velvet

The Heardle for Red Velevet is reminding fans of the group’s biggest tracks and amazing choreography. It has immense discography in Korean as well as Japanese. This aspect will make it much more intriguing for fans to guess the songs.


Move, Flame of Love are some of the bangers we got from TAEMIN. The game version of the hitmaker is a delight for fans as they will re-discover TAEMIN’s music.


ENHYPEN’s Heardle is a relatively new invention. There are roughly 20 tracks to choose from. The group’s catalogue includes various fast-paced songs, and it will be interesting to watch how quickly and correctly guess the tune each day!


NCT is known for their subunits and large number of members. The group’s Heardle, hence, will have a vast list with 23 members and 4 subunits, along with member’s solos. The game is called NCity Heardle.

Stray Kids

Strays Kids has had a number of hits in the punk rock and noise genres. Given the limited number of cues, properly guessing each song can be tough. The music may be picked from any point in the song, even a split second after the beginning.


A bubblegum pop girl group, TWICE has a Heardle as well. Same rules apply to this version just like in Wordle. TWICE’s songs are available in Korean and Japanese both. Fans will be given six tries in total but the first two tries will only be as short as a second.

The Boyz

THE BOYZ’s game has basic rules. Listen to the introduction and answer accurately in as few attempts as possible. More hints are obtained by skips or wrong replies.

Every K-pop idol or group now has a K-pop Heardle. GOT7, ATEEZ, LOONA, SEVENTEEN, ASTRO, BLACKPINK, DAY6, TXT, ITZY, aespa, MAMAMOO, Dreamcatcher, and other K-pop groups have their own games with identical rules. Fans are also offering tips on social media, assisting others in correctly guessing the music. The cues are oblique, and emojis play a role.

But if you need all of this in one place, there is also a collective K-Pop game which includes songs from various groups. Like any other version, it also finds a place on the Glitch website.

This definitely raises the difficulty level a notch or two. It also gives fans the opportunity to rediscover music, both old and new!

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